The Guitar-Online shop allows you to buy guitar lessons software as well as music learning programs. Besides, thanks to its partnership with other websites, it is also possible to buy musical instruments as well as a the “Transcribe!” program from Seventh String Software, the Brett Manning singing course and the Yoke Wong piano tutorial on audio CD and DVD.

Software for Guitar and Music learning

Guitar and Music Software - Versions on CD-ROMIn Guitar-Online’s shop, you will find guitar tutorials which content has been designed for guitar enthusiasts with no prior musical knowledge. These programs aim to help you study guitar without a teacher, both guitar and music are explained step-by-step in every day’s language. These guitar courses come in several levels – absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced level – and are available with or without video.

Guitar-Online has also developed a software to improve aural skills and musical memory for absolute pitch, a string-instrument tuner and a metronome.

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Online Store for Books & Audio CDs

In the “Books and Audio CDs” of our site, you will find two amazing tutorials.

On one hand, the piano lessons on DVD by Yoke Wong designed to help you master the art of improvisation on the piano at home to become more inventive and be able to play without music theory nor scores. This piano tutorial has been elected “2010’s Best Tools For Schools” by the International Music Products Association.

On the other hand, the Singing Success Full Program by Brett Manning in 12 Audio CD + 1 DVD + an easy to follow booklet, to learn vocal technique: how to expand your vocal range and earn an additional octave, how to get rid of the tension on high pitch notes, how to smooth the transition between low and high registers, how to sing with more potency and easiness…

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Musical Instruments Online Store

SameDayMusic - Guaranteed same day shipment or $100 cash back on most products.SameDayMusic is an online store that sells big brands of musical instruments as well as low budget instruments allowing the brand new musician to to start learning and playing without spending all of his money.

If you want to buy a guitar, a bass, amps and effects, a keyboard or a piano, a ukulele, a violin, accessories for drums or percussions, a saxophone, a DJ system, tools for home-studio and recording, strings for the electric guitar, tuners, metronomes, etc. you will find everything and much more for has more than 240000 items in stock.

Last but not least, guarantees same day shipment or $100 cash back on most products.

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