"I am making progress with the lessons and enjoying your program very much. The lessons are great…"
   "I’ve ordered both VOL 1 & 2 a while ago, and I’m really loving it! It’s so cool to play those little Blueses
    and other tunes…"


[1] Guitar Courses & Tutorials

Since 1994, Guitar-Online provides lessons, courses and guitar tutorials for Windows® that make it easy to learn to master the instrument. These guitar lessons come in various styles and levels (absolute beginner, intermediate and advanced) and are accessible to everyone, without any prior musical knowledge, which means that music theory is not required. Each guitar lesson is progressively more difficult, and builds on prior lessons.

The “How to play the guitar” courses come in two versions, with or without video, by e-mail or on CD-ROM. The guitar tutorials come in three volumes: Volume 1 for Absolute Beginners, Volume 2 for intermediate levels and Volume 3 for advanced levels.

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[2] Other PC Software for Music

Aimed not just at guitarists but also at other musicians, the "Ear & Memory Training" program is designed to improve concentration, aural skills and musical memory by helping the musician to recognize the absolute pitch of a note. When mastered, this skill which is called absolute pitch or perfect pitch gives the ability to name any note or chord by ear. This software can be used by guitarists and pianists and any other musician.

The multi-instrument tuner allows you to tune string instruments including guitar, ukulele, bass, violin, banjo and mandolin. Thanks to the chromatic keyboard it is also useful for other instruments. This tuner allows standard tuning and multiple Open-Tunings, which will delight the guitarist in search of unique tunings.

Other software is also available on this site, such as "Transcribe!" from Seventh String and a metronome for simple, compound and odd-time meters.

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About Guitar-Online

About Guitar-Online

Guitar-Online has developed guitar software and music lessons in various styles and levels, for absolute beginners, intermediate or advanced levels willing to learn to play Blues, Rock, Finger Picking or even classical music on the guitar. These guitar lessons are accessible to everyone. Developed by a professional player and trainer, these multimedia tutorials take the guitar player step-by-step through the fundamentals of guitar playing. These guitar courses can be studied at home at each one's own pace, without any prior musical concept, since all the guitar lessons are written in both guitar tabs and standard music notation. These guitar tutorials for Windows® are aimed at both electric guitar and acoustic guitar players.

In addition to the guitar programs for Windows®, other programs are available like a multi-instrument tuner to tune string instruments such as a guitar, a bass, a ukulele, a mandolin, a fiddle, a banjo etc. in standard tuning and in open-tunings.

Guitar-Online also provides an ear training software called "Ear and Memory Training" to help musicians develop and improve their aural skills and musical memory on the principle of perfect pitch.

All these programs have been awarded by many independent publishers such as ZD-Net, PC-TEAM (which gave our guitar program the "best software" award), c|net, etc.

Thanks to its partnerships, Guitar-Online also offers the possibility to purchase a guitar or any other musical instrument, to buy books and audio CDs such as the piano improvisation tutorial by Yoke Wong or the Singing Success Program by Brett Manning.